Educational interventions in partnership with AOP Comté

10 ene. 2014

Interventions Pédagogiques en Partenariat avec l’AOP Comté

This year we renewed a series of interventions Teaching with AOP Comté in three schools : University of Wine in Suze la Rousse, sommelerie section Avignon hotel school and high school in Montpellier Georges Freche . After a thorough presentation of the history , terroirs and manufacturing of our respective products , we went to the tasting of four Comté various age, various "fruitères" and 4 Châteauneuf -du -Pape from different vintages...  lactic aromas , toasted almonds or pineapple for the Comté ; nose of white flowers, jammy black fruit and velvety mouth explosive for Chateauneuf du Pape . The idea was primarily to test the wine and cheese separately , then test each wine with the four Comté one after another. After several trials the verdict was , there is no fixed truth , everything is a matter of palate! but what a match ...